SOS Kids Motocross Camp Mexico

This past Sunday we organized a kids Motocross camp in Rosarito Mexico. We've organized big bike classes in Mexico before but it was our first time working with young riders south of the border. Upon arrival we found a nice hard pack track in the rolling hills of Baja. It reminded me of a practice track in Italy or France. We had a good turn out of local kids which was good to see. Most of them have never had any formal training so we took our time to explain all the little details before we hit the track. Throughout the day everyone improved not just their speed but more importantly their riding skills and their safety. At the end of the day we had a lot of smiling faces and happy riders. It was great to see so many kids being eager to learn and improve their riding. Baja Mexico is not a Motocross hot bed but with the amount of kids riding and training down there the future is looking bright. I put together a VLOG to give you guys a little inside in what a SOS day camp looks like.