Adventure Bike Training

Adventure bike riding is the perfect combination of freedom and fun. If you are planning to ride your motorcycle around the world or if you are just trying to be a safer rider on your daily commute to work it is important to know how to control your 500 lbs motorcycle. 

We've ridden adventure bikes all over the world and seen some breathtaking scenery. Now we want to help you be the best adventure motorcyclist you can be. If you can control your bike in challenging off road conditions you can control it anywhere.

In our adventure bike classes we will work on:

-intro into dirt riding techniques

-basic bike control, weight shifting and body position for off road riding

-braking on loose surfaces and controlling front and rear end skids

-throttle, break and clutch control

-different balance techniques

-how to safely descend steep hills

-how to control the motorcycles in sand and gravel

Join us and leave as a safer more confident rider to get the most out of your motorcycle.